Could Celtic Trinity Healthcare help you or a loved one?

Celtic Trinity Health Care is my business, Pat Philbrook RNC, NP, a health care provider

I have been a nurse practitioner (NP) since 1985 and before that a professional Registered Nurse (RN), including serving on a Navy Ship US Loyall as their MDR, (medical staff)
For the past 6 plus years I have been working at educating the people of Maine and certifying those that qualify to use medical cannabis as well as offering alternative/complementary therapies to help my patients achieve a healthier lifestyle
I have never seen in my 30 plus years as a professional health care provider an herb or medication or therapy that has  helped so many people in so many ways without side effects than medical cannabis
My mission is to help empower patients to achieve a healthier lifestyle
I travel around the state to meet those who seek my services in their homes, nursing, hospice and assisted living facilities, speaking engagements, businesses  etc., it is my way to give back to those who have supported and help me to be a better person and professional
I wish to Thank all my patients for their support and for honoring me with their presence and for sharing their life stories
I want to express my deep appreciation to the Care Givers in Maine for their effort and support: changing Maine Law to allow nurse practitioners to be able to certify patients to legally use medical cannabis, for growing high quality cannabis for our patients and in general for caring about Maine and it’s people.

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